Guided Tours

Visitors to Westmill Wind Farm and Solar Park are welcome.

  • Listen to the turbines
  • Experience the scale of turbines and solar park
  • Feel the open nature of the site
  • Learn how wind turbines and photovoltaic panels work
  • Find out more about renewable energy
  • Hear about the economics of these cooperatives
  • Discuss the need for sustainability
  • Discover more!

Booking is essential as our volunteer guides will only be on site at Westmill when visitors are expected.

  1. Trips organised for groups are normally tailor-made, including schools, colleges, communities and societies. Applications can be made at any time, preferably during the warmer season April – October.
  1. We encourage individuals, families and small groups to arrange to come on our special visiting days – see dates.

Talks to groups can also be arranged.

Visits normally last between 40 and 90 minutes.

Events like Open Days take place on the site from time to time.