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Guardian Schools

Our nearest Primary Schools are our Guardian Schools and we encourage them to have a special relationship with Westmill. We held Guardian days when they came and joined in with a range of activities on site led by students from the local secondary school. This gave us the chance to foster our connection with these schools and develop a cascaded learning model where we teach secondary school pupils and they pass on this learning to younger pupils thus providing excellent role models and gaining new skills and understanding in the process.

SEES Student Environmental Educators

The first year we worked with a group of SEES,they came from Warneford Secondary School in Highworth supported by Mrs Stone who runs the Environmental Club. They worked incredibly hard, gave us very helpful feedback about what would have made the experience better and all said it had been most worthwhile. Then we used another group of Warneford students to help deliver material at our next Ecoweek and also worked with students from Faringdon Community College. This was highly successful. They ran some activities entirely on their own and also supported our guides, STEMS and artists in delivering their material. Again feedback from pupils and participating junior schools was very positive about the role of the SEEs. We very much hope to continue this collaboration. It has value in terms of environmental education, giving young people opportunities to gain confidence in front of an audience and in connecting secondary students with pupils from local feeder schools, so helping the transition when it comes.

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