Site History

Turbine Naming

When the turbines were first erected on site they were named Turbine 1,2,3,4 and 5. This did not seem very exciting. It seemed like an ideal opportunity to introduce ourselves to the local primary schools, point out what a valuable resource they now had on their doorstep and engage their creativity in renaming our turbines. So we took the 5 nearest schools and Liz Rothschild went into work with each year 5 group showing them a film of the construction of the turbines, talking about how they work and what they do and then exploring with them how names get developed for new objects and what the different approaches they might take, looking at how alliteration can work well in names and so on. It fitted in ideally with literacy work in the National Curriculum. Then came the difficult bit. As the entries poured in we had to choose the best 5 out of so many brilliant suggestions. Korky Paul the brilliant children’s author and illustrator from Oxford agreed to help and finally we narrowed it down to :-

The Wind Warrior from Longcot & Fernham, Gusty Gizmo from Southfield School, Highworth, Huff ‘n’ Puff from Shrivenham, Spinner X from Watchfield and Zeus from South Marston. Other wonderful ideas were Turning Green, the Watchfield White Whizzup and Wind Charmer.

At the next Public Open Day we unveiled the names with the pupils who had named them and presented them all with their prizes.