Energy Research Trial Seeks Participants in Shrivenham, Watchfield and Longcot


Shrivenham, Watchfield and Longcot have been chosen to trial a new way of buying and using electricity that will save consumers money and support local renewable electricity generation.


50 households in Shrivenham, Watchfield and Longcot are sought to participate in a publically funded research trial. There is no need for households to switch supplier for the trial, the trial technology will run alongside the normal supply and calculate the savings that would be made on the Energy Local tariff. These savings will be paid to participants in the form of Midcounties Co-operative shopping vouchers.


Watchfield, Shrivenham and Longcot already have community owned renewable electricity generation on their doorstep at Westmill Wind Farm Co-operative and Westmill Solar Co-operative which are sited just across the A420 from Watchfield village. Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust (WeSET) offers tours of the the wind farm and solar park and runs opens days and other activities to promote sustainable energy. With Wind Farm and Solar co-op members and WeSET volunteers living locally, this was seen as an area with a high awareness of energy generation and a good place to host the Energy Local trial.


At present most domestic electricity is sold on a flat tariff (with a few limited exceptions such as Economy 7). However electricity suppliers pay the generators different prices at different times of day, depending on how plentiful supply is compared to demand. The Energy Local trial will test equipment which is designed to control some electrical devices such as storage heaters and water heaters. This control will help to match local use with local generation and to allow consumers to make use of electricity when it is cheaper.


A range of households are sought for this research, including households with electric water heaters or storage heaters, households with their own solar PV generation, and households with none of these.


Energy Local invites residents of Watchfield, Shrivenham and Longcot to come to one of two public meetings to find out more:


Wednesday 14th January 2015 at Watchfield Village Hall from 7.30pm


Sunday 18th January 2015 at Shrivenham Memorial Hall from 2pm.


The Energy Local trial is run by not-for-profit Energy Local, working with local charity Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust, the University of Oxford Environmental Change Institute and other partners. Please contact Sarah James on for more information.


registered charity no. 1158820

Wind farm location: Westmill Wind Farm, Watchfield, Swindon, SN6 8TH - beside A420 and off B4508