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The Education team have developed over 50 learning resources to enhance students’ learning experience. They have been designed to suit a variety of ages from age 6 to adult and we have suggested relevant stages. However, your choice will depend on your students’ interests, capabilities and priorities.

In the resource lists, we have indicated whether the material gives information, involves student activity and if there is a recording sheet included. Some are suited to working off-site, ( at home or in the classroom), most are useful on-site: some with a guide, some can be teacher-led but with a guide present. The lists show whether it is most suited to preparation before a visit, use during a visit, follow-up after a visit or to enhance distance learning. For a site visit, please print relevant copies, indicated in Red for your group to bring.

Several groups have found it useful to have half their class with the guide and half on a teacher-led activity and then swapping. Clip-boards are very helpful.

To download a resource, click on the number in the left column.

On-site equipment

We provide equipment, including:

  • compasses, anemometers, decibel meters and photographs for windfarm guided visits.
  • solar panel with voltmeter solar power meter and a solar powered train-set.
Learning Resources – WindFarm
Resource NumberLearning Resource/Activity Red to print and bring withSuitable for
Key Stage/
InformationActivityRecord SheetRecommended Use:
Guide, Off-site, Follow Up
On-site teacher led
All uses
 Windfarm and the environment 
1. DownloadAdvantages and disadvantages of wind generated electricity3,4 All  1Guide, Follow Up
2. DownloadDebate advantages and disadvantages of wind farms2,3,4 1 Guide, Follow Up
3. DownloadDispelling wind myths3,4, T1  Guide, Follow Up
4. DownloadEnvironmental Effects of Windfarm junior1,2 11Guide, Follow Up
5. DownloadEnvironmental Effects of Windfarm senior2,3 11Guide, Follow Up
 Construction Process 
8. DownloadConstruction Process Labels to order2 11Off-site
9. DownloadConstruction Process Labels to cut & order1,2 1 Off-site
10. DownloadConstruction Process Photographs1,211 Off-site
11. DownloadConstruction Photographs AnswersTeacher1  Off-site
 Facts about Windfarm 
21. DownloadWestmill Windfarm – Key Facts and FiguresAll1  All
27. DownloadFeatures of Wind Farm Site record2,3,4  1Guide, Follow-up
12. DownloadDistribution of electricityAll1  All
13. DownloadWind Farm Fact and figures recording exercise snr3,4111Guide
14. DownloadWind Farm Fact and figures answers snrTeacher1  Follow-up
15. DownloadWind Farm Fact and figures recording exercise jnr2111Guide
16. DownloadWind Farm Fact and figures answers jnrTeacher1  Follow-up
 How a Turbine Works 
17. DownloadHow a turbine works explanation linked to ‘Inside a nacelle’ 202,3,4,T11 All
18. DownloadInside a turbine: cut and sort exercise2,3 1 Off-site
20. DownloadInside a Nacelle with labels2,3,41  All
19. DownloadInside a Nacelle without labels exercise2,3111Follow up
 Measure turbines, wind & noise 
23. DownloadMeasure turbine dimensions2,3,4 11On-Site
24. DownloadMeasure wind speed and direction2,3,4 11On-site
7. DownloadEnergy Conversion from Wind by Wind Turbines4,T11 All
22. DownloadWind roses3,4,T1  All
6. DownloadNoise: Assess & Measure Turbine and Ambient Sounds & compare with other noise levels2,3,4111All
25. DownloadWeather observation with a link to a cloud resource2,3,4 11On-Site
28. DownloadMake a weather vane2,311 Follow-up, Off-Site
29. DownloadMake a wind harp1,2,311 Off-site
30. DownloadMake a wind-sock to record wind direction at school1,211 Follow-up, Off-Site
31. DownloadDebate bubbles1,2 11Follow-up, Off-Site
32. DownloadDebate on wind farm2,3,411 Follow-up, Off-site
 Language skills 
33. DownloadHigh Five1,211 Follow-up, Off-Site
34. DownloadLetter writing to support or disagree with a windfarm development 11 Follow-up, Off-site
35. DownloadAcrostic2,3 11Follow-up, Off-Site
36. DownloadPoetry Ancient and Modern2,311 Follow-up, Off-site
37. DownloadA Sound Poem (based on sounds heard on-site)2,311 Follow-up, Off-Site
38. DownloadShape Poem1,2111Follow-up, Off-site
39. DownloadTall Tales2,311 Follow-up, Off-Site
40. DownloadWhat Am I?2,311 Follow-up, Off-site
41. DownloadWhat’s in a Name?2,311 Follow-up, Off-Site
42. DownloadWind word search A2,3 11Follow-up, Off-site
43. DownloadWind word search A answers2,3 1 Teacher
44. DownloadFragile Earth game (reinforcing concepts of saving energy and reducing our carbon footprint)1,2,311 Guide, Follow-up, Off-Site
45. DownloadWind and Coal game (reinforcing concepts of saving energy and reducing our carbon footprint) 11 Guide, Follow-up, Off-site
Learning Resources – Solar Park
Resource NumberLearning Resource/ActivitySuitable for
Key Stage/
InformationActivityRecord SheetRecommended Use:
Guide, Off-site, Follow Up
On-site teacher led
All uses
 Facts about Solar Park 
60. DownloadSolar Farm Facts and Figures3,4, T, Adult 1  Guide, Follow Up
64. DownloadSolar Park Energy Production3,4,T, All 1  Guide, Follow Up
69. DownloadEnvironmental Effects of Solar Farm1,2  1 1Guide, Follow Up
 Importance of the sun 
61. DownloadSun web of life exercise2,3,4  1 1Off-site
62. DownloadSun web of life worksheet for printing2,3,4 1 1 Off-site
63. DownloadSun web of life completed & a question2,3,4 1 1 Off-site
 Collecting energy from the sun 
65. DownloadCollecting energy from the sun – thermal collectors1,2  1 Off-Site
66. DownloadCollecting energy from the sun – thermal insulators1,2  1 Off-Site
67. DownloadCollecting energy from the sun – thermal conductors1,2  1 Off-Site
68. DownloadRecord table for solar panel meter readings3,4,T, All 1 1 1Guide