Open Days


Westmill now has 2,260 members, the majority of whom are from the immediate local area, and investing in the community has been at the heart of Westmill Co-op since the outset. In 2009, the Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust or WeSET was established as a charity with the objective to promote and encourage the deployment of sustainable energy with a focus on a 25 mile radius of WWF turbines. Since that

time, WeSET has hosted thousands of school children visitors, helping a new generation to learn about the benefits of renewable energy.


Over 11,000 visitors have been welcomed to the site over the decade as part of school trips and our regular open days. In addition, WeSET has funded the insulation of Shrivenham village hall and the installation of photovoltaic cells on the village sports pavilion.

On Saturday 16th June 2018, a very special event was held to celebrate 10 years of community owned wind power at Westmill. Visitors were able to take a site tour and see inside a 81 m wind turbine. There was live music, hot food and hands on fun, black smithing, kite making, pedal antics, a bouncy castle and a treasure trail. Entry was free.

Our thanks go to our members and to the local community for all the support they have given over the last decade. We very much hope that community renewable energy generation will have a long future at Westmill.


WeSET’s Open Day and Sustainable Energy Fair in June 2017 attracted close to 1,000 visitors to Westmill Wind Farm and Solar Park. A relaxed and fun event where people were able to learn about the impact of climate change and what they can do personally to reduce their own carbon footprint.

With live music by Oxford band The Brickwork Lizards

Visitors had the opportunity to look up & inside a 50m wind turbine, walk among 20,000 solar panels..
They could make and fly their own kite, forge a keyring with Tom the blacksmith.
Seek out the treasure in the treasure trail, listen to stories in the story telling tent
and enjoy ice-cream, real ale and delicious cake. Lie under a massive turbine and watch it turning.
Buy honey made on the farm… and much more!

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