Learning from Education

Westmill Wind Farm and Solar Park is an inspirational location where students

  • Experience and understand how Renewable electricity is made
  • Appreciate its contribution to a Sustainable future

All key stages and further education students can visit us for a guided tour – check out our resources page for learning material that can be used before, during and after a visit.

We provide individually tailored visits for

  • KS 1 & 2
  • KS 3 & 4
  • A level / Baccalaureate
  • Tertiary
  • Post-graduate

Curriculum subjects that can be included are

  • Geography
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Literacy
  • Engineering
  • Arts
  • Cross-curricular
  • Local Studies

We have developed a huge range of useful learning materials that you can download to maximise the students’ learning experience.

  • Prepare for a visit
  • Use during a visit
  • Follow-up after a visit
  • Simply enhance distance learning
  • Project on to your whiteboard

Your lead guide can advise on the most appropriate activities for your group when planning a visit

Our Guides are experienced and knowledgeable

How to Book

For further information and to arrange a visit:

 complete our booking form here

Questions? Contact our Visits Coordinator

contact or send this Educational booking form. Once returned, WeSET deem that the visitors have agreed to comply with the booking conditions (on page 4 of the form) and confirmation of a booking can proceed, subject to guide availability.

All schools are asked to fill in this form from Natural England to enable WeSET to receive funding for these visits.

WeSET Season for School and Group visits Open Season Closed Season
Key stage 1 & 2 (infants & juniors) May – September October – April
Key Stage 3 and up, including adults April – October November – March


  • There are neither toilets nor shelter. The nearest facilities are at Watchfield just off the A420
  • All visitors must be appropriately dressed as this is an exposed site with a high risk of wind chill or high UV
  • The site is a working farm
  • There is a 10mph speed limit on site
  • Rubbish must be taken away
  • There is suitable for parking for coaches