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Visits Manager

Part-time Contract Role

About Westmill Sustainable Energy Trust (WeSET)

WeSET’s objective is to encourage and promote the deployment of sustainable energy, in particular (but not exclusively) within a 25 mile radius from Westmill Wind and Solar Farms near Shrivenham. The Trust is managed through a Board of Trustees, drawn from different backgrounds, with the help of part-time contract staff.

IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE: This role is a part-time (1 day per week), home-based contract. The contract is ongoing but will initially be for one year. Applicants must be independent contractors living within easy commuting distance of Westmill Wind Farm and Solar Park at Shrivenham. 

Role Overview

The role of the Visits Manager is to arrange guided group visits to Westmill Wind and Solar Farms and to support, recruit and co-ordinate WeSET’s volunteers who deliver the guided tours and occasional off-site events such as talks and outreach.

WeSET has planning permission for a Westmill Centre on site, providing visitor space inside an insulated yurt and permanent onsite facilities such as toilets.  We are seeking to develop this in 2020 and if successful we will be seeking to increase the number of visitors and events on site in the future.  The Visits Manager will play an important role in this expansion as it will rely on having a sufficient pool of volunteers to deliver it.

 The Visits Manager will also be expected to play a leading role in developing other volunteer opportunities within WeSET. This includes delivering a ‘Friends of WeSET’ scheme to increase the ways in which people can support WeSET. The expectation is this role will evolve and develop as the Trust extends its work.

The position will require close liaison with other member of staff, especially the Education and Events Officers, as well as with Trustees, volunteers and visitors.

The role takes on average about a day a week depending on the frequency of visits with less time needed in the winter.

The Visits Manager will be expected to act in the best interests of the Trust and follow the guidance of the Trustees.

The Visits Manager will be line managed by a Trustee, Sarah James, with oversight from Mike Blanch, the Chair of Trustees.

The Visits Manager will be based at home, with access to their own IT equipment, the internet a telephone and transport. As an independent consultant, the Visits Manager is required to have their own insurance. They will be expected to make regular visits to site (near Shrivenham) and therefore need to live within easy commuting distance.

Specific Tasks

  • Comply with all health and safety requirements
  • Respond to requests for visits and information in a timely fashion
  • Maintain volunteer and visitor databases
  • Improve WeSET’s relationship with the guides and other volunteers through newsletters, feedback and volunteer events.
  • Recruit new guides sufficient for WeSET’s requirements.
  • Manage a program of guided tours for ad hoc visitors, Planned Visit Days and other events
  • Arrange training for new guides and maintain the guide pack
  • Coordinate guides for open days/guided visits
  • Complete Natural England form and other paperwork for visits
  • Collate visitors’ feedback
  • Develop the ‘Friends of WeSET’ concept, working with Trustees and other staff
  • Provide a short report for the monthly trustee meeting.

Skills and experience

The Visits Manager will:


  1.  Have a strong interest in and support for sustainable energy.
  2.  Have experience of administration and coordinating people and events.
  3.  Have demonstrable skills in managing time in self and others.
  4.  Have good written and numerical skills – be able to produce concise simple reports with minimal oversight or correction.
  5.  Understand modern IT systems including Skype.
  6.  Have good verbal communication skills – for example sufficient to deal with visitors and guides.
  7.  Be able to deliver the work in a timely way to fulfill the needs of the Trust
  8.  Be able to form effective working and supportive relationships with individuals from different backgrounds including Trustees and volunteers.
  9.  Be able to manage confidentiality.


  1.  Have experience of working with children.
  2.  Understand how to use MailChimp, populate a website and use basic social media (e.g. twitter).
  3.  Have knowledge of aspects of the renewables sector, especially wind and solar.
  4.  Have an interest in the arts sector.

Terms of contract

The contract between WeSET and the Visits Manager will initially be for 12 months.  The contract will commence as soon as possible and may be terminated by either side in writing with one month’s notice. The contract will be reviewed at the end of this term and may be extended by mutual agreement for another period, be revised or canceled. 

Work to be invoiced at the rate of £120 for an 8 hour day, plus reasonable expenses in line with the Charity’s standard expenses policy. We anticipate the work to take up an average of no more than a day a week; additional hours would need to be approved in advance.

WeSET and the Visits Manager will remain independent entities. The Coordinator will not be an employee of WeSET. As an independent contractor the Visits Manager will be responsible for their own income tax payments, National Insurance contributions, VAT liabilities, personal insurance, vehicle insurance, health care and pension arrangements.

To apply: Please email Sarah James on with your CV and a covering letter.