Who are we


WeSET’s strength lies in the dedication, experience, vision and expertise of volunteers on whom it relies. There are many and diverse skills amongst the Trustees, Advisors, Supporters and Guides.


Mike Blanch

Chair – Mike Blanch

Robert Tapsfield

Secretary – Robert Tapsfield

WeSET logo

Education – Cecilia Park-Olley

Fran Tattersall

Fran Tattersall

Sarah James

Sarah James

Chris Church

Chris Church

Liam Wilson

Treasurer – Liam Wilson

Paul Beattie

Website and IT – Paul Beattie

WeSET logo

Warren Hicks


Website – Chris Wilson

Tour Guide Team

  • Sarah James,
  • Peter Heredge,
  • Dave Abley,
  • Damian Culshaw,
  • Mike Landy,
  • Ron Colyer,
  • Emily North,
  • Andy Day,
  • Penny Hockley,
  • Keith Newton

Support team

Visits coordinator – Tom Lowe

Events coordinator – Jowanna Lewis

Education Officer – Emma Arnold